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green foam insulation

Spray Foam Homes are Green

Is Spray Foam “green”?

“Is it ‘green’?” is quickly becoming one of the most frequently asked questions by consumers today. Concern for the environmental stability of the globe as well as economic implications to our personal finances has everyone stammering for ways to reduce dependency on oil and reduce carbon emissions. Read Full Article

Design Protocol Provides Win-Win Solution for the Environment, for Your Bottom Line

When it comes to building in today’s economic environment, whether it is commercial or residential, there are two design requirements that you can count on: save energy, save money. The “building envelope” is the main source to meeting these requirements, combining the foundation, wall and roof to work together to provide a comfortable and safe environment in a building. Preserving the structural integrity, the building envelope works in conjunction with the heating, cooling and ventilation systems to perform several major functions including managing temperature and relative humidity and reducing heating and air conditioning costs. Read Full Article...

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leed onstruction credits for green foam insulation

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